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  Zhangjiakou Jieyuan Green Plastic Co., Ltd is located at Zhangjiakou Xishan industrial agglomeration area , which is at the northwest beyond of Beijing. It is modern enterprise which is integrated scientific research, production and sales of PVA water soluble film.The first phase of project has been invested RMB28 million.Design of annual output PVA biodegradable plastic film about 1000MT; Total investment of the project is up to RMB50 million. After the project completed, the capacity will be up to 2500MT.

  Technology of the project based on Tsinghua University and Hunan University of Technology , and hired some well-know experts on this industry as our technical advisers.The Core equipment roller casting film machine that we adopts is national patent machine. Mirror polished roller surface, roll uniform medium thermal conductivity of the system, the unique way of dipping  are to ensure the good quality of the products. Molding, slitting, bag making testing equipment are used domestic first-class products.
  The company has a high-quality management team, with the title of senior R&D engineers, machinery manufacturing and management engineers 8 persons.More than 100 employees, mostly graduated from Vocational and Technical College, and have been well trained. It is applied for the ISO9000 quality management.Advocating a state-of-the-art corporate culture is socially responsible.Our philosophy is: to eliminate pollution, protect the environment, to the benefit of mankind, starting with me. On the current development of the product, we has established business relationships with more than 40 domestic enterprises. And our products have been exported to Europe, Asia and South America.
  We used the technology of  solution cast streaming to produce polyvinyl alcohol film,  and it is suitable for light industry, chemicals, pesticides, medical and food packaging.This kind of  packaging waste under natural conditions quickly and completely degraded to carbon dioxide and water, and it is a new tpye of  the functional material is a new type of green functional materials.


  At the same time is a production of sodium silicate manufacturers, a large supply of various modulus of sodium silicate (commonly known as sodium silicate, soda bubble). The company has the advanced production equipment and the inspection organization, guarantees the stable quality and the production capacity for you. The products are widely used in casting, construction, carton, rubber making, mineral processing, oil field, drilling, corrosion protection, washing and other fields, and can be used in tunnels, culverts, mines and other underground engineering concrete injection operations and engineering repair. We operate in good faith, the principle of customer first, warmly welcome friends from all walks of life visit guidance, negotiate cooperation! A hold clean source hand, forever is a friend!